In 2016, my brainchild Apple for the Brain saw the light of day. The idea of organising events with inspiring speakers came from a personal need for stimulation and out of a passion to connect people. As a young mother of two small children I felt my world became too small. I wanted to go deeper than the superficial conversations at the school gate. Four years earlier, a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, had put an end to my short career in media and events. When the verdict fell, I had just become mother to my eldest daughter. Suddenly, my life seemed to be on hold, I was forced to drastically slow down. At first I thought the ‘healthy’ chapter of my life was over. I perceived it as a fault line; a life with, versus a life without the illness.

It might seem odd but I can honestly say now that I am grateful MS came into my life. The dis-ease catapulted me in a state of surrender and acceptance, I had no other choice than to listen and obey to my body. I started making wiser choices in life, choices that are not conformed by societal norms and expectations, but that are authentic, heartdriven and more virtuously. MS humbled me, guided me to the essence of life and gave me purpose.


I don’t believe in labels, they narrow down your options.

Initially, I put all my trust in conventional medicine, but polypharmacy made me even sicker than I already was. To be clear. I am not against classical medicine, but the side-effects of some drugs made me start looking for natural alternatives. Out of a journalistic reflex, I began to delve into holistic medicine and therapies and that quest eventually resulted in the firm conviction that I can heal myself. Wanting to share my insights and fascinating contacts with other broad-minded individuals, I started organising events with inspiring speakers who were ahead of their time. Apple for the Brain was born. Seven years ago, ideas like self-healing or quantum physics still sounded very floaty to most people. Meanwhile, a large part of the population has realised that we should not ignore our body’s signals and many of the therapies and healthy lifestyles discussed then have become the micro-trends of today. It satisfies me that Apple for the Brain has been able to contribute to this growing awareness and that it became a meeting point for open-minded, consciously living people, but now a next cycle is starting.


Over the past few years, I have worked hard on myself on a body and mind level, I let go of conventional MS-medicines, started expressing my feelings, took responsibility for my own health and optimized it by drastic lifestyle changes. The biggest one is most likely leaving my home country, Belgium, and moving to Spain with my family to be able to profit daily from the master of medicines: the sun. Although I gained tons of new insights on my journey to a better health, I often forgot to nurture my soul. In this phase of life, I want to let my soul fully guide me and dim my knowledge-addicted, truth-seeking mind a bit. While Apple for the Brain will still be focusing on getting wiser on a cognitive level, I want to dive deeper, into the subconscious, with Holiday for the Brain. During these retreats and gatherings we want to invite you to travel out of your mind. Through techniques like meditation, sound baths, breath work, ecstatic dance, energy healing and plant based therapies, you can go to a deeper layer to rewrite your programming caused by society, media, school, parents, environment… and by going back to your blueprint you are about to bring real change.


Be you, do you for you

By peeling off the onion, you finally get to your true self. Therefore body, mind and soul need to co-operate. The more you become yourself the more you crave resonance with other authentic people. Not only on a personal but also on a professional level. That’s why I decided to team up with Geraldine Huybrechts. Under the umbrella of Apple for the Entrepreneurial Brain we want to connect soulpreneurs during events that go beyond handing out business cards. Because when your cells vibrate truth it’s all about energy instead of status and titles.

Looking forward to connect with you from heart to heart.  I’d be happy to keep you updated of our events, retreats and gatherings.