In 2016, my brainchild Apple for the Brain saw the light of day. Personol needs: connecting on a deeper level, gatherings with like minded people. More than a talk: food, drinks, art.

Four years earlier, a diagnosis of MS had put an abrupt end to my short career in media and events. When the verdict fell, I had just become mother to my eldest daughter. Suddenly, my life seemed to be on hold, but after a period of despair and desperation, I was determined to overcome the disease. Initially, I put all my trust in conventional medicine, but polypharmacy made me even sicker than I already was. Out of a journalistic reflex, I began to delve into holistic medicine and that quest eventually resulted in the firm conviction that I was more than my disease.


I don’t believe in labels they narrow down your options.

Wanting to share my new insights and fascinating contacts with like-minded people, I started organising events with inspiring speakers who were ahead of their time. Apple for the Brain was born. Seven years ago, ideas like self-healing or quantum physics still sounded very floaty to most people. Meanwhile, a large part of the population has realized that we should not ignore our body’s signals and many of the therapies and healthy lifestyles discussed then have become the micro-trends of today. I am therefore quite proud to have been able to contribute to the growing awareness with Apple for the Brain, but now a next phase is starting.

Over the past few years, I have worked hard on myself on a body and mind level and gained many insights, but I often forgot to nurture my soul. In this phase of life, I want to let my soul guide me and dim my knowledge-addicted, truth-telling mind a bit. Since Apple for the Brain always starts from my own essence, it is therefore now time for a new chapter: Holiday for the Brain. After all, experience has taught me that real change is only possible by diving into the unconscious and listening to the inner voice.

Still Feeding your mind, but also offering to nourishment for the soul –  a holiday for the Brain

While Apple for The Brain is still focused on sharing new insights, I would now also like to invite you to quiet the little voice in your head for a while and listen to the whispers of your soul. Hence my plan to organise retreats and gatherings in the next phase under the banner Holiday for the Brain. But there is more. Bringing like-minded souls together has always been my mission and I am convinced that a community of soulpreneurs can make a difference both on an individual and collective level. Under the umbrella of Apple for the Entrepreneurial Brain I want to connect soulpreneurs during networking events that go beyond handing out business cards. Want to keep up to date with all the new events, retreats and gatherings?

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Looking forward to connect with you from heart to heart.