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Dr. Aseem Malhotra

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Brainchild of Ellen Verellen

Created in 2016 to:



Create awareness

Break taboos

Connect on a deeper level


Creative flexible multifaceted approach
Aligned with core values
Honest and healthy food
With love and passion


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Are you a soulpreneur? And do you feel the need to connect on a deeper level with other entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and express their higher self via their work?

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Do you feel the need to escape from your own busy brain? We will help you break free from the mind prison and travel, via all sorts of techniques, to your heart. A journey to BE(-come) your true self.

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How do we guide our children through these interesting but turbulent times?

By letting our children BE their authentic self, they’ll flourish into the most beautiful version of themselves. Trust the process and BE(-come) who you needed when you were young. BE the change if you want to see behaviour changed in your child.

Podcasts & Events

Apple for the Brain

Apple for the Brain behandelt maatschappelijk relevante onderwerpen, filosofie, psychologie, milieu, trends, reizen, wetenschap…

Apple for the Brain goes Corporate

Apple for the Body & Soul wijdt zich aan thema’s als gezondheid, voeding, persoonlijke groei, spiritualiteit en een holistische visie.

Apple for the Brain goes Private

Binnenkort zal Apple for the Brain ook trips en reizen organiseren.

Apple for the Entrepreneurial Brain

Apple for your Business verlost je van bedrijfsmoeheid, bedrijfshernia’s, bedrijfsdyslexie, bedrijfsburn-outs, bedrijfsblindheid, bedrijfsdoofheid, bedrijfsspasmen, bedrijfskilheid…

Holiday for the Brain

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